Frieze Carpet: Popular for a Reason

Listings Of industrial roofers - Top 10 roofing Blogs - Frieze carpet is distinguished by its high twist level, which means that many short fibers are twisted tightly together to form the shape of the carpet. . No matter which direction you run your hands over frieze carpet, the color remains the same. This not only prevents shedding and pilling, but also helps create a trackless look. Additionally, the fibers help insulate both sound and temperature, keeping your house quiet and cool! ..More

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Polyester Rugs: Stayin’ Alive

Top 10 roofing contractors - Service Technician Blogs - Above all, polyester carpet allows you to stretch your decorating dollar. . It's a great choice for those rooms with less foot traffic (think: studies, guest rooms, etc. However, for those rooms with high foot traffic, you?ll probably want to stick with nylon or with another carpet of comparable quality. Despite advances, polyester yarns are still relatively less resilient, and more likely to show matting and wear-spots. There are a variety of weaves and a broad spectrum of colors which can be purchased and installed for a fraction of the price of, say, nylon carpeting. ). It's also difficult to remove oil-based stains from polyester?so definitely steer clear of polyester carpeting in your dining room and favorite snacking spots! ..More

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How to install carpet on stairs

Find emergency roofers - Repair Forum Pages - Installing carpet on a stairway can be difficult, but with the information provided in this short video, you can get a good idea of the basic steps to install carpet on a stairway. . Otherwise, it will come undone in about a year. Then you cut out your piece of carpet. You lay it over the stair and it should be a little big because you will be tucking it into the carpet on the next step. First, you need to install the carpet one step at a time, and not all at once. You need to measure the width of the top of the stair and the width of the base all the way to the top of the padding. Watch part two in the series for more information ..More

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Choosing the Right Sized Area Rug for Your Space

21 Best roofing inspection contractors - Residential Service Blogs - Keep All Four on the Floor: If you?re choosing an area rug for a dining room, the rug must be, at a minimum, large enough for each chair to have all four feet on the rug when comfortably pulled away from the table. . This is a good measurement to take at home, before heading to the showroom ..More

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Counting Sheep: Everything You Need to Know About Wool Carpet

Locate certified roofers - Repair DIY Message Board - Today, fleece shorn from the coats of sheep or lambs is still considered one of the finest yarns available for carpet fibers. . Interested in one of the oldest types of carpet pile used by man? Yes, wool rugs and wool carpets date back over two thousand years ..More

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