Nylon Rugs: Not Your Grandmother’s Nylons

Search and locate licensed roofers - DIY Guide Blog Pages - This is a large part of why nylon is today?s most commonly used carpet fiber. Read on to find out everything else you need to know before going nylon. But when it comes to carpet, you?ll be glad to know that nylon is the strongest of all types of carpet pile. It's marked by excellent resistance to abrasive materials, insects, mold, rot, and most chemicals. . Considering getting a nylon carpet installed? Nice choice! When we think of nylon, we often think of pantyhose that run easily ..More

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Extending the Life of Your Commercial Carpet

Search and locate roofing technicians - Service Technician Forums - Treat Spots Immediately: During the end-of-day pass with the vacuum, keep an eye out for spots or stains. A client?s muddy boots or a customer?s dripping coffee cup can turn from a momentary inconvenience to a permanent and unsightly stain. Many customers cite staining as one of the top reasons they choose to replace their commercial carpet, so a few moments spent with an environmentally friendly cleaning chemical can do a lot to preserve the life of the carpet. ..More

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The Dating Game: Carpet Fiber Edition

Find best 10 licensed roofers - Repairman Forum Pages - NYLON: I love crowds! I?m great in heavy traffic areas, so the more the merrier! I am prone to static, but most nylon is treated to make it static-resistant. ..More

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Why Carpet Cushion Matters

Popular roofing repair contractors - Resources & Guides - installation & repair - COMFORT: Thick or thin, what truly rules a carpet cushion?s feel is the density. For residential carpeting, you?ll want a carpet cushion with a 6 to 8 pound density rating. For commercial carpeting, which is replaced more frequently and typically doesn?t emphasizecomfort, a carpet cushion with a lower density rating works best. . Carpet cushion with a higher density often incurs a higher cost, but it?s absolutely worth it in the long run: high-density carpet cushion keeps your carpet from wrinkling and buckling in ways that are both unsightly and damaging to your carpet ..More

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The Pros and Cons of Shag Rugs

Locate commercial roofers - Coummunity Forum Pages - While shag rugs are extremely comfortable due to their soft wool fibers, they are hard to clean for the same reason. Here are some things to consider before adding a shag rug to your home. ..More

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