Frieze Carpet: Popular for a Reason

Popular professional contractors - Service Technician Blog Pages - . No matter which direction you run your hands over frieze carpet, the color remains the same. Frieze carpet is distinguished by its high twist level, which means that many short fibers are twisted tightly together to form the shape of the carpet. Additionally, the fibers help insulate both sound and temperature, keeping your house quiet and cool!. This not only prevents shedding and pilling, but also helps create a trackless look ..More

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Nylon Rugs: Not Your Grandmother’s Nylons

Directory Of professional contractors - Code Compliance Forums - And, now for the cons: Nylon fibers are almost always acid-dyed, and rarely solution-dyed. As we mentioned, nylon carpeting is not the cheapest option. This means they can be prone to bleaching, fading, or absorbing urine. . But if you?re looking for value and have your heart set on nylon carpeting, consider unbranded nylons. And, know that most manufacturers offer wear guaranties. While it?s not quite as expensive as wool carpeting, nylon carpeting will run you more than polyester or polypropylene options ..More

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How to install carpet on stairs

Search and locate certified contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Forum Pages - Installing carpet on a stairway can be difficult, but with the information provided in this short video, you can get a good idea of the basic steps to install carpet on a stairway. Otherwise, it will come undone in about a year. Watch part two in the series for more information. First, you need to install the carpet one step at a time, and not all at once. . Then you cut out your piece of carpet. You lay it over the stair and it should be a little big because you will be tucking it into the carpet on the next step. You need to measure the width of the top of the stair and the width of the base all the way to the top of the padding ..More

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Create Your Own Masterpiece with Carpet Binding

10 Best reputed licensed contractors - Repair Tech Blogs - Carpet binding is a simple way to create beautiful and unique home furnishings out of old carpet, carpet scraps, or extra pieces of installed carpet. This can be done quickly and cost-effectively with polyester tape, which is applied to the carpet edge and then sewn shut. In carpet binding, the edges are bound together to prevent fibers from unraveling, since wall-to-wall carpets are often unbound or tacked to the sub-floor. . A longer, but more luxurious, way of binding carpet is by surging the edges together with pieces of thread ..More

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Extending the Life of Your Commercial Carpet

Popular master contractors - Talk To An Expert - Forums On Repair Issues - Go Deep: Twice a year, hire a professional carpet cleaning company for a complete deep-cleaning of your commercial carpet. If you stay on top of these scheduled cleanings, your carpet will never begin to look tired or worn. Even daily vacuuming and spot cleaning can?t remove the dirt that vacuuming misses. ..More

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