How to install carpet on stairs

Popular technicians - Talk To Technicians - Forum - Then you cut out your piece of carpet. First, you need to install the carpet one step at a time, and not all at once. Watch part two in the series for more information. You need to measure the width of the top of the stair and the width of the base all the way to the top of the padding. Installing carpet on a stairway can be difficult, but with the information provided in this short video, you can get a good idea of the basic steps to install carpet on a stairway. . You lay it over the stair and it should be a little big because you will be tucking it into the carpet on the next step. Otherwise, it will come undone in about a year ..More

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Nylon Rugs: Not Your Grandmother’s Nylons

Service Expert industrial contractors - Forum With Technicians - Phew!. Technically speaking, nylon retains the same crimp and twist the manufacturer gave it. Nylon is also static-free (unlike its primitive forms; i. It also responds well to almost all professional cleaning methods and treatments. Yes, it makes for a blessedly inhospitable habitat for mildew. your grandmother?s nylons). What?s more, nylon carpet piles have a reputation for holding their color remarkably well. And, it provides no food source. . And cleaning is easy ? because nylon absorbs very little water, it dries quickly. e ..More

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Frieze Carpet: Popular for a Reason

List Of commercial contractors - Forum With Technicians - If you?re interested in purchasing a frieze carpet, make sure to specify that you are interested in a ?true frieze,? and not just trackless carpet. Frieze carpets are more expensive than other trackless carpets, but need to be replaced and maintained far less often. The words have become synonymous in the industry, but some trackless carpets without high twist levels don't hold up as long, or hide stains as well as a true frieze. ..More

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Polyester Rugs: Stayin’ Alive

Directory Listing Of professional contractors - Repair issues related conversations - Polyester rugs are also durable and quick-drying. Indeed, installing polyester carpet is a sure way to get those heavy, lush, soft-textured floors that up the coziness factor in your boudoir or dressing room. Improvements in the manufacturing of polyester carpet?think better heat settings and finer yarns?mean they?re now way better at maintaining that full, fluffy, and luxurious velvety look. ..More

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Why Carpet Cushion Matters

List Of residential contractors - Service Consultant Blog Pages - most commercial carpet cushions range from about inch to about 7/16ths of an inch thick. CARPET PROTECTION: It's seems perfectly logical to equate great cushion withlayers and thickness. When choosing carpet cushion, it?s best to rely on a carpet and flooringprofessional who can assist you in selecting the density and thickness of carpet cushion foam. But be careful ? while it may seem that thicker is better, that isn?t always the case when it comes to carpet cushion. As a general rule. ..More

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