Types of Natural Stone Tile

Locate Nearby commercial contractors - Repair Tech Forums - Which level of porosity do you need? Which tiles are better for outdoors? Indoors? How willyou ever choose?. . With all the types of natural stone tiles available, picking out a new floor can seem daunting ..More

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Nylon Rugs: Not Your Grandmother’s Nylons

Local licensed contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blogs - Technically speaking, nylon retains the same crimp and twist the manufacturer gave it. Yes, it makes for a blessedly inhospitable habitat for mildew. And cleaning is easy ? because nylon absorbs very little water, it dries quickly. Nylon is also static-free (unlike its primitive forms; i. Phew!. your grandmother?s nylons). And, it provides no food source. . What?s more, nylon carpet piles have a reputation for holding their color remarkably well. It also responds well to almost all professional cleaning methods and treatments. e ..More

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Frieze Carpet: Popular for a Reason

Find emergency contractors - Technician Forums - Need a carpet that will hold up in even the most high traffic areas? Frieze is the way to go. While you want to be careful with heavier furniture, which may dent or flatten the fibers, lightweight furniture won?t have any ill effects, and the carpet will bounce back good as new. . But frieze carpet isn?t just for keeping your energy bill down. Because the fibers move and shake around, they hide dirt, stains, and even footprints ..More

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How to install carpet on stairs

Listings Of technicians - Forum Pages - Then you cut out your piece of carpet. You lay it over the stair and it should be a little big because you will be tucking it into the carpet on the next step. First, you need to install the carpet one step at a time, and not all at once. You need to measure the width of the top of the stair and the width of the base all the way to the top of the padding. . Installing carpet on a stairway can be difficult, but with the information provided in this short video, you can get a good idea of the basic steps to install carpet on a stairway. Watch part two in the series for more information. Otherwise, it will come undone in about a year ..More

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Extending the Life of Your Commercial Carpet

Find best 10 master contractors - Service Professional Blog Pages - . You?ll want a large enough mat that your guests walk in and take two to three steps before they find themselves standing on your actual carpet. Additionally, a mat is likely to catch any tacks, thorns, or bits of debris that can cause snags or other serious damage to your carpet. Roll Out The Welcome Mat: Never neglect the entryway! Using a mat in areas of ingress and egress can drastically reduce the amount of mud and soil that comes in on the shoes of your clients, vendors, suppliers and visitors ..More

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