Frieze Carpet: Popular for a Reason

List Of technicians - Advice, Tips, Helpful Forums - . This not only prevents shedding and pilling, but also helps create a trackless look. Frieze carpet is distinguished by its high twist level, which means that many short fibers are twisted tightly together to form the shape of the carpet. No matter which direction you run your hands over frieze carpet, the color remains the same. Additionally, the fibers help insulate both sound and temperature, keeping your house quiet and cool! ..More

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Outdoor Carpets in the Coastal Carolinas

Top 10 licensed contractors - Service Technician Forums - . If the rug will be entirely outdoors with no cover, then carpet experts recommend polypropylene because not only maintains both the color and integrity of the carpet, it also wicks moisture to prevent mildew. Weather: While bright sunny days areperfect for working on your summer tan, they?re not great for all outdoor carpets. Likewise, man-made materials such asnylon and polyester are usually mold resistant, and last longer outside than natural materials like bamboo and jute when exposed to high humidity and persistent afternoon showers ..More

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Extending the Life of Your Commercial Carpet

Directory Of professional contractors - Top 10 Blogs - . Even daily vacuuming and spot cleaning can?t remove the dirt that vacuuming misses. Go Deep: Twice a year, hire a professional carpet cleaning company for a complete deep-cleaning of your commercial carpet. If you stay on top of these scheduled cleanings, your carpet will never begin to look tired or worn ..More

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Create Your Own Masterpiece with Carpet Binding

Search and locate professional contractors - Helpful Links - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - This can be done quickly and cost-effectively with polyester tape, which is applied to the carpet edge and then sewn shut. Carpet binding is a simple way to create beautiful and unique home furnishings out of old carpet, carpet scraps, or extra pieces of installed carpet. In carpet binding, the edges are bound together to prevent fibers from unraveling, since wall-to-wall carpets are often unbound or tacked to the sub-floor. . A longer, but more luxurious, way of binding carpet is by surging the edges together with pieces of thread ..More

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Why Carpet Cushion Matters

Search and locate master contractors - Tips - Service Advice - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - When choosing carpet cushion, it?s best to rely on a carpet and flooringprofessional who can assist you in selecting the density and thickness of carpet cushion foam. CARPET PROTECTION: It's seems perfectly logical to equate great cushion withlayers and thickness. most commercial carpet cushions range from about inch to about 7/16ths of an inch thick. But be careful ? while it may seem that thicker is better, that isn?t always the case when it comes to carpet cushion. . As a general rule ..More

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