Counting Sheep: Everything You Need to Know About Wool Carpet

List Of certified contractors - Forums For Dummies - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - This means exposure to substances such as chlorine bleach tends to make wool brittle, discolored and prone to dissolve. The take away here: be sure you use water-based cleaning solutions!. . Remember how we mentioned that wool absorbs dye so well? The flip side is that it stains easily. It's also prone to distortion (think jet streaks), and sensitive to high-alkaline chemicals ..More

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Berber Carpets: Get in the Loop with Everything You Need to Know

Search and locate licensed contractors - Blog With Contractors - . Curious about the beauty of Berber carpets? In Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia, Berber carpets and rugs have decorated the floors of oases and homes ever since the Paleolithic era. Here, we have compiled everything you need to know about this carpeting, named after its original users?the Berber tribe of North Africa?s Barbary Coast whose members spun cloth and rugs from various natural fibers ..More

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Choosing the Right Sized Area Rug for Your Space

Top 10 Best licensed contractors - Tips - Service Advice - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Here are some tips on how to select the perfect-sized area rug for your soon-to-be-perfect room. . But area rug selection can go awry in one big way: size. No matter how great the color or print, an area rug that?s the wrong size can make your room look poorly decorated or unfinished ..More

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The Dating Game: Carpet Fiber Edition

10 Best reputed industrial contractors - Top 10 Forums - . Now that we have seen all the contestants, let?s ask the lucky four a few questions to see if they?re the right fit for you ..More

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Polyester Rugs: Stayin’ Alive

21 Best licensed contractors - Tips - Service Advice - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - Fans of Mother Earth will be pleased to know that polyester carpet has become increasingly green over the years. Polyester is also highly reusable, meaning that, when you?re ready to change carpets, your used polyester can re-enter the circle of carpet life, rather than the local landfill. . Today, a percentageof your rug, not unlike your polyester fleece jackets, is often composed of recycled soft-drink bottles ..More

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