Counting Sheep: Everything You Need to Know About Wool Carpet

Service Expert master roofers - Repair Service blogspot - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . This makes wool carpet a cheap and efficient natural dehumidifier. A bonus benefit here is that moisture causes wool?s fibers to swell, thus releasing dirt! Plus, wool rugs? natural fibers can absorb and retain chemicals such as formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide, thereby filtering out unwanted byproducts of heaters, fireplaces, and stoves. Wool carpeting behooves your indoor environment, too! Wool carpet fibers can absorb about thirty percent of their weight in moisture, without getting damp ..More

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The Dating Game: Carpet Fiber Edition

Find best 10 licensed roofers - Code Compliance Forums - . This one will keep you soil and mildew free all year long. Give it up for nylon!. First up, it?s the most popular carpet fiber by a landslide ..More

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Berber Carpets: Get in the Loop with Everything You Need to Know

Find best 10 roofing inspection contractors - Consumer Blogs - These stunningly detailed rugs are made from wool, camel hair, silk, and more. . Typically, Berber is priced byknots per square meter. (In fact, highest-quality silk berber carpets boast up to 250,000 knots per square meter!). Tunisian Berber is known as one of the best?and knottiest?varieties of Berber carpet on the market ..More

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Types of Natural Stone Tile

Locate Nearby roofing repair contractors - Code Compliance Forums - Because marble is softer than granite, it is susceptible to stains and scratches?especially from acid-based liquids. . Marble: Marble is an elegant natural stone tile that has been used as a luxurious building material for centuries. The high-contrast veining pattern sets marble apart from other types of stone ..More

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Why Carpet Cushion Matters

Find certified roofers - Service Technician Forum Pages - Mathematically, the higher a carpet cushion?s R-factor value, the better it prevents energy transfer from one part of the house to another. . INSULATION: Propercarpet cushion can reduce energy costs and help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Typically, carpet cushion R-values fall between R-0. 2 and R-2 but can be somewhat higher, particularly once the carpet?s inherent R factor is considered. The measurement of the carpet cushion?s ability to resist heat flow is called the R-factor ..More

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