Forum Title: Fake Butter on Upholstery
This is a weird one for you... my roommate brought home some breadsticks that were drenched in garlic butter (presumably not real butter, I don't know...) that sloshed all over the passenger side seat of his car. I tried blotting, and tried a little carpet stain remover, but the stain is quite large and nothing seems to make a dent. Any advice for removing oily substances from car upholstery?
Category: Carpet Post By: SAMUEL COOK (Waukesha, WI), 02/15/2019

You need a product that will cut the oil. Try OMS, Oil of Mineral Spirits, cheap and readily available. Load it into a sprayer and mist the area heavily....this product will evaporate, leaving no residue or damaging anything.....and then vacuum the area. Okay, what I am saying is, spray the OMS, work the spot with some kind of light bristle brush, and then extract it with a shop vac. Oughta get you cleaned up after a few times. Good Cleaning! DehnWWW.CLEAN911.COM

- JOHN JOHNSON (Austin, TX), 04/22/2019

Do you have a shop vac? A technique I like to use when there is a lot of material to remove is to wet spray and extract with vacuum and repeat until it's removed. In this case, you could use a 50/50 solution of water and simple green which cuts grease.

- BYRON DANIEL (Cypress, CA), 04/13/2019

I'm an old upholsterer and could be of some help here. But first need to know more about the fabric.

- DAVID MILLER (Yuba City, CA), 05/14/2019

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