Forum Title: How to remove disinfectant odor from a mattress?
My second-hand mattress has a smelly odour. Me, being naive, I called a guy from Craigslist and he doused the mattress with a strong-smelling disinfectant spray then performed a steam cleaning on it. I learned my lesson, I should've researched what I'm getting into, and should've tried a more DIY approach! Anyways, it's been a week now & the disinfectant odour won't go away. What should I do now? I tried backing soda alone, but it didn't help. Options I found online: baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, another steam cleaning (e.g. steam mop) without any chemicals. I take the whole experience positively though. I learned the mistake and I want to develop some DIY knowledge too. Your tips are appreciated.
Category: Carpet Post By: THELMA GREENE (Pompano Beach, FL), 01/01/2019

You'll need to have it properly rinsed and extracted. Obviously the person who performed the work lacked the knowledge and ability to accomplish the task. Be thankful it was only a second hand mattress. There are many people in this industry that don't get the education they need to perform the work correctly. Unfortunately consumers view that a cleaning service as a commodity, its not. Family owned or owner operated services are your best bet. They have a reputation to uphold and it is in their best interest to do the best work possible. When ever hiring an in-home cleaning service, it pays to do the research before you hire them. Check their reviews online, ask them how long they have been doing it, experience, what type of cleaning agents (toxicity), do they have insurance and any other concerns you may have.

- CALVIN SCHULTZ (Hampton, VA), 04/26/2019

You post mentioned using a steam mop for the steam cleaning on the mattress. I'm not sure about that, but I can say that I have gotten large odors out of mattresses with a steam cleaning. I used an upholstery steam cleaner to do it though and put a fan on it. In some cases, children's night-time accidents, I have had to do multiple cleanses. But, it eventually worked.

- RUBY MORALES (Fort Smith, AR), 04/17/2019

I use Medicated Powder to absorb the smell, it is helpful to remove unpleasant smell, as well as powder is a safe option. You can also neutralize odors by using Vinegar and baking soda.

- FRANK YOUNG (Simi Valley, CA), 05/14/2019

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