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Talking about the carpet cleaning, people have a number of misconceptions. Lets tell you a few of them.Misconception 1: You should wait longer before getting your carpet cleaned You are going to do a big mistake this way. The longer you wait, the more damage is caused to the carpet and it decreases its life span. As dirt is accumulated in the carpet every time someone walks on it, it is essential to remove that dirt time to time; otherwise, the carpet will wear out faster. Misconception 2: All carpet cleaning methods are equally good This is wrong; every carpet cleaning method is not equally effective. In the dry cleaning process, the dry chemicals and compounds are used. It means that the carpet is not rinsed in any way. In contrast, the hot water extraction is considered as the most effective method of carpet cleaning. It depends on the carpet cleaning supplies and equipment you are going to use that how effective the method will be. Also, it depends on the fact that how dirty is the carpet. Misconception 3: It is only the right equipment that is required for proper carpet cleaning Though right and complete equipment are necessary for proper carpet cleaning, it is not the only thing that is required. The person should have complete knowledge about the carpet cleaning options and should also have some experience. Only then the good results can be expected.
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That was something worth to share. Will care for all of these next time.

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There are some misconceptions about carpet and rug cleaning. A few are listed below to help you understand about carpet care. Every cleaning method is suitable for any type of carpet: This is not true because a cleaning method should be suitable for the carpet type. Dry chemicals and dry foam can leave the residue on the carpet. In Australia, hot water extraction method also known as steam cleaning method is used by carpet cleaners Newcastle near your areas where the carpet is first preconditioned using a chemical reagent. It liquefies soil and oil based material on the carpet. Then with high pressure hot water, all the dirt is extracted from the carpet. For some carpets, deodorizing and sanitizing is done along with carpet shampooing to take out the stains and odour from the carpet. These methods are used by professionals but depending on the type of cleaning required, the cleaning method is applied. If there is too much water in the end and it is taking a lot of time for the carpet to dry especially in hot humid water, then it can result in mould, mildew, etc. which can spoil the carpet too. 2) Company that has the right equipments is the best cleaning company: Well, this is not true. It is necessary that a good and reputed company must use advanced equipments for cleaning, but they should know how to use them as well. While you search for carpet cleaning services online, do check the reviews of the customers that ho they find the work of these companies. It will help you make a perfect choice. Reputed cleaning companies must be certified, focus on training its employees and offer insurance on assets to the consumer before starting the work. They must explain about the cleaning method in detail. 3) A low price means good cleaning: If a residential carpet cleaning company is offering a low price for their work, please do not go by the price. The price should be genuine and not very low. Their services might ruin the carpet.

- DEANNA CORTEZ (San Clemente, CA), 04/22/2019

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