Forum Title: Red wine stain on brand new wool carpet
To my horror I spilled a glass of red wine on my very expensive, brand new 100% wool carpet. My instinct was to blot with paper towels and that is what I did immediately. Because the carpet had been microsealed, most of the wine was drawn up right away. But the following morning I noticed that there is a residual light brownish stain on the beige carpet. I have not done anything else since. It has been 3 days. The internet has many solutions - from a white wine fix to liquid soap and a hot iron to soda water. I thought it prudent not to follow any of these suggestions, but to talk to a carpet cleaning expert. I did that just now. She said I was wise not to use a home remedy because whatever I tried would only set the stain. She then said that her carpet cleaning company would come to my home and remove the stain for $90. I asked her what they used and of course she refused to say. I feel irritated by this and am appealing to all of you out there. If there truly is a magical solution I would like to know what it is! Hope this opens some interesting and helpful discussion.
Category: Carpet Post By: Nick L (Washington, DC), 01/24/2019

I think you need to find out a best carpet cleaning machine first then you can clean your carpet easy. And also follow my link to do well and excellent cleaning work for your carpet.

- JOHN G (Dallas, TX), 04/01/2019

There are simple remedies possible for DIYers. Other than white wine mix, check for this solution. Mixing one-quarter dish-washing detergent with lukewarm water through blotting motion and pouring it on to the stained carpet followed by bllotting the spill using a clean cloth and water should do the trick for you. Check this article on how to clean stubborn stain from carpets . As you said rightly, there are so many solutions available with internet like the club soda method. Since you are bit cautious about DIY methods its better to take the help of high level industrial cleaning services.

- CARL P (Mesa, AZ), 03/14/2019

In my opinion please don't go washing it again and again using detergents and other things since it is expensive take help from some professionals..waiting reply....

- DANNY HENDERSON (Rock Hill, SC), 05/07/2019

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