Forum Title: RugDoctor Cleaner Made Me sick, How to Remove or Clean It?
I read with interest one of the topics here about cleaning a mattress. Our mattress at a relative's home had had what seems to be borax and then later some acids sprayed and poured onto it. My face and sinuses started bleeding and clogging up. I have no allergies as an adult, so this was new to deal with. I used mucinex DM, benadryl, nasal irrigation, and it has helped symptoms, but not the chemical problem. I tried using combinations of chems to destroy the acids that had been sprayed, but it did not help. But, now I have a bed mattress I need to clean up. On the suggestion of one of the topics and lines of discussion here I rented a RugDoctor Upholstery Cleaner, and used the RugDoctor Professional Sofa & Stair Soft Surface Cleaner. This initally cleaned out a lot of junk, chemicals, and I could smell the borax! So then our faces started to swell, our gastrointestinal tract started to hurt, and produce diarrhea, and our eyes became red and sore. The active ingredient in the cleaning product, which says right on the bottle it is okay for mattresses, is Dipropylene glycol methyl ether. It's related to 2-butoxy. I can re-rent the cleaner. However, what do I run through it to take out or break down reasonably safely the above chemical? What can I put into the rented RugDoctor to take the chemical out of the mattress?
Category: Carpet Post By: TERRY NGUYEN (Buckeye, AZ), 01/14/2019

I re-rented it today, and decided to cover the mattress with Bon Ami powder, and some ammonia, then use the RugDoctor to suck it up. Then, I tried 2 other times, and going to start a third, to use Purex Free and Clear Laundry soap for the cleaning agent. I figured it wouldn't hurt us, and as of right now it is working! I could not believe how much came out, both chemical and dirt, each time!

- JILL WALSH (Grand Junction, CO), 04/01/2019

you spend 8 to 10 hours a day with your face pressed against this surface. Putting chemicals on it at any time is a bad idea. If you are not happy with the cleanliness of the mattress throw it away and get a new one. Carpet cleaning a mattress is just not recommended. MattSmith Brothers Carpet Cleaning

- BETTY K (Boston, MA), 03/30/2019

Does your mattress still give your allergic reactions? You may have to re-clean the mattress several times, just be sure to extract as much moisture out as you can. I personally wouldn't use something as harsh as ammonia on anything my bare skin comes in contact with for extended periods of time. In this situation your mattress sounds like is already trashed, If it were mine, I would have tried a lite white vinegar and water mixture rinse after the initial cleaning. Good Luck

- MARY SMITH (Deltona, FL), 03/07/2019

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