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Upholstery cleaners aren't created equal - most have no professional qualifications or certifications! Instead they have just gone out and bought some equipment and chemicals from their local cleaning supply shop or a website off the Internet, then they come into your home with no training and start to destroy your expensive furnishings! Don't let this happen to you - ensure your upholstery cleaner is certified by a reputable training body who is independent from any one particular technology company. Training and certification can cost thousands of dollars in plane flights and accommodation as courses can last weeks or months, and the training fees themselves can exceed over $10,000 so most upholstery cleaners don't bother and just wing it with no training what-so-ever! Unfortunately these types of upholstery cleaners make up the majority of the industry so you as the consumer need to be careful when you invite someone into your home. Observe how they present themselves - is their van and equipment kept clean and in good condition? What about their uniform - do they even have one? Or are they wearing dirty overalls which are heavily stained, looking like they have been worn for the last 20 years? What about the upholstery cleaning technology your Adelaide upholstery cleaning provider is using - can the technicians describe the cleaning process they are using in detail to you, or are they merely going through the motions like a robot, doing every single job in the same way? The trick to cleaning upholstery effectively is having a deep understanding of different upholstery fibre types, the most commonly encountered stains and which cleaning process will be effective for that particular combination of upholstery fibre and soiling! A true professional upholstery cleaner knows that every job is unique and must be treated differently to get the best results for their customer, while an amateur will do the same process every time - sometimes it might work and get a good result, but when it doesn't they won't know why or what to change in order to shift a difficult stain from your upholstery. Couches, lounges, sofas and dining table chairs can cost thousands of dollars and have a long life if they are cleaned correctly and maintained annually. Professional upholstery cleaning costs a fraction of the price of a brand new lounge so make sure to get your upholstery cleaned every year to get value for the money you have invested in your family's quality of life.
Category: Carpet Post By: MARGIE RAMSEY (Denton, TX), 02/09/2019

Thanks for publishing such an informational post!

- STACY DOUGLAS (Tustin, CA), 05/20/2019

Nice blog

- CHRISTINA HOWARD (Union City, CA), 04/20/2019

With over 25 years of experience in this field, I would recommend to my clients always hire certified professionals for this work as they have latest technology and equipments for your cleaning need. Instead of using harsh chemicals one should go for green cleaning. We provide good quality of cleaning products that can improve your tenant's health, environment, and overall facility appearance.Nice sharing.

- AUDREY SANTOS (Dublin, CA), 03/27/2019

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